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Who Needs Copywriters?

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7:00 AM | 1 May 2013
by Jim Compton-hall
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Copywriting has never been more important

This is certainly the feeling I left "Who needs Copywriters?" with. This is, for some reason, the UK's only copywriting conference (and my one chance a year to be surrounded by fellow writers). I attended last year's conference. I thought it was pretty good so I went back for more. This year was even better.

Then various speakers (including but not limited to Roger Horberry, Ros Sinclair, David Levin and Andy Maslen) took us through some incredibly costly writing mistakes and embarrassing errors in advertising. Not to mention the vast benefits of getting it right in advertising, direct mail, social media, business writing, etc.

Some key copywriting tips of the day

  • read everything
  • practise
  • just write. You can make it good later
  • don't be boring
  • create emotional interest
  • proof read everything! Then proof read it again. And again
  • inject KAVA into your writing
  • take advantage of the Open Library
  • start with a great strategy
  • if you're struggling to come up with a decent strapline, try thinking of rhyme, alliteration, well known phrases, telling the truth, using the word "you" or challenging your audience
  • follow @The_Dolphin_Pub.  David Levin, the guy behind it, is brilliant

The event was run by  A Thousand Monkeys and The UK Speechwriters' Guild. If you're interested in attending next year's copywriting conference then you better start following these guys.

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