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Our trip to Bucks Ad School

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18:58 PM | 6 December 2012

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FutureRising gathered an ideal mix of young industry maestros and stormed into Bucks New University aka Bucks Ad School on Friday the 30th of November for an afternoon of great talks, speedy briefs and hot shit crit sessions.

Networking is key...

Donald Fogarty (BrandPie) began the day by giving the students some tips on building a network to get into the industry.

The Squared Project...

Ejiro Ogboru (Mindshare) and Nathan Miller (Karmarama) from the Squared Project showed everyone an awesome Prezi on the different areas within the industry and how being a part of squared can seriously help your credibility.

The next generation of opportunities...

Chris Ackroyd from grapple mobile showed us how the year of the mobile is now a distant memory and gave us some pretty interesting facts on the next generation of opportunities.

Breakout time...

After an intense 45 minutes of note taking, the students had a choice, take their portfolios into the crit room for real industry feedback or dive into the brief room for a 1 hour blitz and a chance to win entry to the D&AD student awards.

Stand out...

Back in the main room Adam Oldfield (Mobext) took us on a journey of creativity and standing out from the crowd.

The music industry...

Vilma Grosberga (the7Stars) then broke down the music industry for planners.

Bucks Pioneers...

The grand finale was two ex students of Bucks Ad School Pete and Alex, a creative team at Weapon7 who showed off their creative projects and the work that goes into creating them.

Networking is key...

As is customary when futurerising are in town, a networking drinks session kicked off immediately as the lights went off and the students got a chance to ask the speakers any questions and start building friends within the industry.

@BucksAdSchool were amazing hosts, special thanks to Fiona and we're looking forward to doing it all again soon.

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