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Our journey to Solent University

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8:27 AM | 18 January 2013
by Adam Oldfield
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Since our last visit to Southampton in 2012 much has changed, there are with out doubt many more jobs within digital [don't listen to the sceptics], mobile is booming, strategy is ever vital to any campaign and creativity still sits centre to everything good. With all this in mind, we pulled together a smoking lineup for Solent University featuring Mixcloud, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Microsoft and Th_nk. 

Bringing search to life...

Colm Bracken from Microsoft's Bing brought search to life and explained why it's a great route into the industry. It's certainly not to be ignored! He also shared the importance of just getting in there and being noticed.

Strategic cat gifs...

Tony Jiang performed in front of a series of cat gifs whilst explaining the theory behind his job as a strategic planner at Th_nk. He shared his views on the move from a Push/Pull model of advertising to the internet of things. After an onslaught of cats stretching, dancing and doing other things, Tony finished with some tips. Our favourite was "show that you can think for yourself by making something that requires a lot of attention and care".


Breakout time...

Midway through the afternoon, students were challenged with a brief from the D&AD Student Awards; bring together all of Yamaha's products under one umbrella. Scooping first prize was team Llama. Their neat idea was named 'The Yamaha Story'. Known Yamaha aficionados such as drummer Travis Barker and biker Valentina Rossi would share their own personal journey with their Yamaha products. As a prize, Llama will have their entry placed into the upcoming D&AD Student Awards. Stay tuned as we follow them through the process.

A little Morse code goes a long way...

Adam Oldfield from FutureRising/Mobext was next up and shared his story behind trying to land a job at Wieden & Kennedy a few years back by producing his CV in Morse code. Adam went on to cover several areas the students should keep up with such as POP: Prototyping on paper, smart sensors with Twine and Keiichi Matsuda's look at the coming of augmented reality. Adam wrapped up with some top tips. Here's a great one: "Surround yourself with people you admire and collaborate. It's harder to learn from people you don't respect."

A creative journey...

Introducing Lean Mean Fighting Machine's latest work was Michela Nicchiotti, half of creative duo Michela and Aurora. She showed us work for high end diamond brand Forevermark. 'Centre of my Universe' connects to Facebook and explores your past memories - definitely worth checking out. Michela also shared her personal journey into the industry with her time at Fallon, Grey and Inferno. Michela finished by encouraging students to "listen only to the advice of people you believe in."

Don't give up...

Sharing his entrepreneurial exploits in our final presentation, Nikhil Shah from startup Mixcloud gave the students a taste for going at it themselves. He spoke candidly about how Mixcloud came about through his passion for music and organising events. And he mentioned his early days of university, after turning up on day one and not wanting to do three years of math. He persevered and remarked on how much better he felt for completing his degree. Nikhils last words were to encourage the students to "graft away and not give up".

It was a cracking first trip of the year, Solent students were an ambitious and eager lot. We look forward to returning in 2014 with another great mix of speakers.

More snaps from the afternoon

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