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LCC, we're coming to you - don't miss out

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15:53 PM | 18 May 2013
by Jim Compton-hall
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We're looking forward to meeting all the lovely folk over at LCC next week (Friday 24th May, 5:30pm). But for now, here's a run down of our speakers to whet your appetite.

Paul Tullo

The founder and creative partner of TMW joins us again. Paul is absolutely bursting with practical advice that will help you land that dream job of yours.

David Adamson

Freelance strategist David Adamson will be taking us on the journey of one of the best decisions of his life: to go to Miami Ad School. Or as he calls it, The Hogwarts of Advertising.

 Michela Nicchiotti & Aurora Straton

 Michela and Aurora are an award winning creative duo who have spent time at the likes of Fallon and Grey London and now reside at Lean Mean Fighting Machine. They're going to be taking us through just some of the exciting stuff that they've been working on recently, including their work for World Baking Day.

Adam Oldfield

Adam is project manager at Mobext & a co-founder of futurerising. He'll be discussing mobile prototyping (key for anyone looking at a career in digital) and the importance of making things.

Donald Fogarty

Donald is a brand strategist at BrandPie & a co-founder of futurerising. Donald will be showing you the ways to tackle creative strategy.

So if you're a student at LCC, you better be there! Don't miss out on seeing these incredible speakers.


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