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FutureRising talk: Breaking into the industry

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13:34 PM | 14 November 2011
by Adam Oldfield
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The first FutureRising event aimed to deliver a complete journey for students looking to break into the advertising and marketing industry. We wanted to cover everything from getting the basics right, finding out how to apply for jobs and getting some great speakers to give their insight into what the future holds for student job seekers.

The show kicked off with Donald and Adam sharing their experiences of getting into the industry and showcasing what opportunities were currently out there as well as some great creative examples of graduates getting into the industry.

Darren Thomas (Leo Burnett) gave our student audience some invaluable insight into what a top agency is looking for and Alex Brownless showcased the ARTSTHREAD resources for creative graduates.

Jess and Will were up next to talk about their recent intern experiences and answer some great questions from the floor.

It was then time to look to the future and Hugo Soul demonstrated some mobile magic with a Google and Android demo before Patrick Whitnall showed us some films from the past that had correctly predicted the future as well as his advice on what's going to be hot in 2012.

Below we have uploaded a summary and some slides from our 7 key speakers:

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