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Bournemouth University

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12:58 PM | 15 March 2012
by Adam Oldfield
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We headed down to Bournemouth University for our first road show event of 2012: Leap into digital - an event full of advice, experiences and predictions of the digital industry.

With the live hashtag #Digital Leap running throughout, we were trending on Twitter (in the South of England) by the end of the day. And if that's not a measure of success then what is?

Want us to swing by your university with a bunch of cool speakers? Drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

Kicking it off...

FutureRising's very own Adam and Donald kicked the event off with a little advice on how to get into the industry. It's all about networking and standing out.

Check your privacy settings...

Next up Owen Lee from Starcom got the crowd jumping up and then had them nervously sit back down before he exposed a few awkward and embarrassing Facebook profiles that employers could potentially see.

Breaking out...

Break out time and first up the audience poured into a room filled with QR codes linking to a bunch of pretty awesome stuff within the industry. Next was a Q&A session with recent graduates, Owen and Becki.

A Game of Substance...

Then Substance took the floor. With the help of some very cool case studies (including Sherlock Holmes and Chronicle) and some inspiring words, Becki Willmore and Andrew Timms delivered more advice on the digital industry. Before leaving the stage Substance threw a Twitter condundrum at everyone (based on their Game of Shadows work) and gave out Blu-rays to the clever winners. Could you have figured it out? "Lose me in a crowd, none can tell me from behind wealth, emotions, weapons, death: I play with what I find. #gameofshadows".

The future...

Liam Brennan from Carat ended the day in style. He took us through his data on the future of the industry putting a global perspective on the work that the students would be doing.

Want us to swing by your university with a bunch of cool speakers? Drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

Presentations from the day

  • Getting into the Industry - Adam Oldfield & Donald Fogarty
  • Life in a digital agency - Andrew Timms and Becki Willmore, Substance001
  • Future thought - Liam Brennan, Digital Director at Carat

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