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Advertising Week Europe 2014: Media Innovation

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8:50 AM | 1 April 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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A panel of media moguls, from the likes of MediaCom, Starcom and PHD, gathered to discuss innovation in media during the first day of Advertising Week 2014.

Media agencies are trying to create a culture of innovation. In fact, that term, culture of innovation came up again and again during the discussion. Every person in an agency should be inspired to innovate, to change things and improve them. If you go into a media agency with that mindset then you'll do well.

But there was a warning against innovating for innovation's sake. As Sue Unerman, Chief Strategy Officer at Mediacom, said, "it's not about what's new, it's about what's useful." So don't do something just because you can. Do it because it works, it gets results and it would be damaging not to do it.

Key tip for students

From the discussion, one thing is clear. Media agencies want innovative employees. If you're applying for media roles (whether it's planning, buying, accounts or even finance or HR), gather examples that show off how innovative you are.

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