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Dealing with job rejections

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10:00 AM | 29 January 2016
by Tom Withers Green
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Success is largely built around dealing with pain. Rocky Balboa eloquently put it…

"It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward."

After graduating I very quickly learnt I didn’t walk on water. I moved back home. I am very much unemployed and getting a job was nowhere near as easy as I thought it would be.

I have avoided rejection my entire life, from my romantic life to professional life. Rejection is something I have tried to stay clear of. Unfortunately it is just a part of life and now I have learnt to embrace it.

I have now had three jobs in the palm of my hands and squandered it for one reason or another.


My first rejection was from a media agency where I got down to the final 15. I put my heart and soul into getting the job. I had five interviews, a presentation, a group exercise and a dreaded maths test. “I was great at everything apart from the maths,” was the feedback I received. Maths is the bane of my life.


The second was from an advertising agency, an entry level, Account Executive role. The perfect job I thought. However, I didn’t have relevant experience. How ridiculous is that? For an entry level job I didn’t have enough experience.


My most recent rejection was for a paid advertising internship. This I actually find quite amusing. I went for my interview at this agency which had a terrible atmosphere. When I arrived I told the grumpy receptionist I was here for an interview and she genuinely looked pissed off at my very presence.

I was asked to wait for my interviewer. I waited for 15 minutes without being offered a drink or anything. Finally my interviewer turned up and we were underway. It went very badly, the woman was so unimpressed with me. She would not give in to any of my charm. She was as cold as ice.

After the interview I knew it went badly. I also concluded I did not want to work in a place like that. Lo and behold I was not offered a job. The feedback was “I was too laid back”. I was trying to be calm, composed and be myself - that was the very last thing they wanted.

What is the recurring theme? I wasn’t right for the job. Yes.

But don’t forget, the job wasn’t right for me. They are equally important factors.

"The more I get rejected the closer I'm getting to the right job."

I have learnt that the more I get rejected the closer I'm getting to the right job. A job where the company will value me for my none mathematical skill set, my lack of experience but not my lack of hunger and lastly the fact that I am ‘laid back”.

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