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Book Review: Logotype by Michael Evamy

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19:15 PM | 2 November 2016
by Finn O'Neill
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Logotype is ‘the’ definitive collection of logotypes, featuring over 1,200 international typographic identities. Michael Evamy’s book provides a collection of different logotypes from all over the world.


Given its full title, 'Logotype: The reference guide to logotypes, monograms, and text-based marks' it is clear that this is a book all about logos. The introduction proudly declares that logotypes are ‘where the verbal becomes visual’. Some companies go for symbols with no accompanying words (although this is rare), however most need some accompanying text, which is called logotype.

"The book captures the importance of logotype and the thinking behind some of the most famous examples"

This reference guide, compiled by Michael Evamy, catalogues an enormous array of logotypes and categorises them into digestible and relevant sections. His book covers logotypes from world-leading companies, such as Facebook and Google, yet also manages to include the logotype used by smaller brands such as Swiss alpine skier Lara Gut’s personal brand.

Providing inspiration to design studios and graphic designers, the book captures the importance of logotype and the thinking behind some of the most famous examples.

The book is split into seven chapters, covering logotypes which are purely reliant on the font type, to logotypes which include punctuation or are bilingual. Each section is then comprised of a number of subcategories, providing a clear and informative layout for the reader.


I doubt any other book on the topic comes anywhere near including as many examples, never mind doing so in such a clear and accessible manner. The book manages to make the 1,300+ examples easy to ingest and also leaves the reader feeling that they have gained valuable insight. The layout of the book makes it an enjoyable read and the vast size of it means that anyone who purchases it will find themselves constantly checking back to it to find further ideas.

"Manages to make the 1,300+ examples easy to ingest."


The book is a must for any design studio, graphic designer or creative within the creative industries. The layout and content means this book is as relevant to an experienced professional as it is for a student trying to learn more about the industry. Anyone looking to build a business or rebrand themselves would also find much of the content of the book helpful, given how important a corporate mark is to the success of a company.


At a more-than-reasonable £12.95 on the Laurence King website, this book is a great purchase for anyone interested in the topic. However using discount code ‘FutureRising’ you can get a 35% discount on the Laurence King website.


Certainly the definitive collection of logotypes, monograms and other corporate marks, this book is a must-buy for those interested in graphic design. Beautifully put together, the book offers some insight into the theory behind some of the most recognisable corporate marks.

"A must-buy for those interested in graphic design."

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