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Book Review: Fashion Stylist's Handbook

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10:38 AM | 16 September 2016
by Finn O'Neill
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Danielle Griffith's recent handbook for fashion stylists is a must-buy for anyone looking to break into that industry!


A step-­by-­step insider guide to working as a fashion stylist. The focus is on ‘how to be a stylist’ rather than ‘how to style’, and this book answers all the questions a young stylist would ever need to know.


The book has absolutely EVERYTHING covered, from how to bag an internship, building your portfolio, testing photos before shoots, how to prepare for shoots, building contacts, to working with PRs. Danielle has covered everything any budding young stylist would want and need to know. It’s interesting to read as an outsider too, with behind ­the ­scenes shots and interviews key industry professionals and top stylists.


Anyone who is interested in fashion will find this book a compelling read, but it will be most useful for those just about to start their careers as a stylist or stylist assistant due to the more specific information in some of the chapters.


This book will cost you £19.95, but using the voucher code 'FutureRising' you can receive 35% by buying from Laurence King’s website. If you are planning on getting into the business I recommend it as an expense worth paying.


An unbelievably well informed guide to the world of styling, this book provides a number of helpful tips for students as well as interesting nuggets of information for those without any previous knowledge of the industry.

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