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Become a digital marketer without experience

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11:30 AM | 21 June 2017
by Giulia Smith
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Become an FR Writer

If you want to build a career as a digital marketer but you don't have any experience, find out exactly what it entails.

I fell into a role as a digital marketer just over a year ago now. I was initially hired by a big corporation to count desks. Yes… count desks. So that they could see how much their office space was utilised. Thankfully, after an arduous two weeks, I managed to sweet talk my way into staying in the company, and two years later landed myself a job as a global digital marketer.

”I love my job and how varied it is every day."

I had zero professional experience of digital marketing, I had never worked with any global brands but I had developed my own travel website and later my blog.

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