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You’re (Probably) Not Liam Neeson

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12:15 PM | 1 September 2015
by Simen Moen
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Simen Moen, Media Planner at the7stars talks about the advantages of flexibility and having a diverse skillset within the job market.

Having a very particular set of skills might be handy if your daughter has been kidnapped by sex traffickers in Paris, but I've found that it is not necessarily a strong asset in the job market.

I have always been good with numbers. So much so that my maths teachers had a tendency of calling me out in front of the class to partial admiration and overwhelming resentment. Whilst doing my degree in advertising, I kept thinking that it was a shame that my natural abilities with numbers weren't more connected with what I was educating myself for. I also felt the same way about my software skills, of which I have a fair amount (I realise that it might seem like I'm trying to paint a picture of myself as an amazingly talented person, but notice that I am, like Liam Neeson in Taken, being very selective and specific about which fields I'm mentioning.) I was confident in my more advertising-related competence too, but I suppose we all would want as many of our abilities as possible to be put to good use.

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