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Why you should start an industry blog today

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12:15 PM | 29 October 2014
by Justice James
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Become an FR Writer

So you’re a graduate with a shiny new diploma in hand. Or, better yet, you’re in the middle of your studies. Either way, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to catch employers’ attention and land that first job. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of students in the same boat as you. Whether your passion is design, branding, advertising, or marketing, an industry-related blog helps you stand out by demonstrating your interests and skills to potential employers. Here are the advantages of starting a blog.

Shows initiative 

Starting a blog shows employers that you are an active participant in getting hired. At the first point of contact, employers can see your strengths and interests put into practice. Rather than simply telling them, you’re showing that you can do the work they offer. 

Inspiration: Confessions of an Ad Grad provides an engaging discussion about a variety of campaigns. 

Flexes your brief muscles

Practice briefs are abound, giving students the opportunity to put into practice what they’ve learned on their course. Find a brief that interests you, and post your best ideas on your blog. Completing these briefs is a fun way to show potential employers your thought process and strengths, whether that be in branding, strategic, planning, etc. Plus, it’ll give you a taste of what your day-to-day may look like in the future.

Inspiration: check out FutureRising’s briefs area.

Demonstrates enthusiasm for the industry

No one wants to hire an individual who doesn’t love what they do. On your blog, you can show off your favourite design work, discuss campaigns that you enjoy (or hate), and more. This shows that your work is more than just a job, but a genuine interest. Passion breeds creativity, and employers want individuals who will bring the best work to the table.

Inspiration: get excited about graphic design and branding at Brandcetera.

Prepares you for interviews

Talking about your favourite work doubles as a good preparation tool for interviews as you may be asked to discuss work you like and dislike. This gives a good indication of your genuine interest in the industry, as well as your ability to critically reflect. Saying “I don’t know, there’s so many!” or “I like this because it’s really funny!” will not suffice. By practicing on your blog, you will be able to have meaningful conversations with interviewers about the efficiency of a given media strategy or the value of a piece of design work. And the more confidently you engage with hiring managers, the better their impression of you will be!

Inspiration: For every ad (TV, print, ambient, etc) you could ever want, stop by Ads of the World. Or head to Brands of the World for design and branding.

Don’t wait any longer. Get writing today!

For more advice on blogging, including tips on what to blog about, how often to blog and which blogging platform is the best, take a look at our free blogging guide.

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