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What you need to succeed in advertising

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14:24 PM | 23 April 2011
by Adam Oldfield
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Anyone can succeed in joining the advertising industry; no matter your education, experience or talent. The advertising and marketing industry is in need of as many bright young people as possible to help it move on in the 21st century.

So to get you started I’ve outlined some key things I’ve learnt in my short time in advertising that you should keep in mind:


First and foremost love brands, learn and follow brands you most like, even approach them directly for work. This video from a set of French animators sums up how much you should love brands, as does this from Coy! Communications and A Large Evil Corporation.


Whatever your bright idea may be, develop it and collaborate with others to execute your idea – it’s all about the execution. Check out sites such as Adverblog for some of recent campaigns setting the world alight and even Springwise which compiles some of the best ideas out there.


Surround yourself with like-minded people who share the same goals and interests. This will help for building projects and others will always have skills you don’t possess. Get on LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with the right people.


Have the urge to discover and experience new things, be on the lookout for new opportunities and the latest innovations - read Wired and Creative Review.


Be willing to work late, weekends if needs be - you’ll be rewarded eventually for all your hard grafting.


Pay close attention to the finer details and place high standards against your work.


As much as you can read about the industry, things happening in the world, read about the things you most like down to the smallest detail. For the latest industry news check NMACampaign and Brand Republic. And read blogs from Dave Trott andRussell Davies.


Laugh as much as possible, if you’re not having fun what’s the point. Take plenty of advice and take as much criticism as is humanly possible.


Be brave and bold, have faith in your ideas. Practice ideas online, use Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or any tools you can get your hands on. Be creative like this guy.


Remember we’re all human and advertising like most industries is all about delivering the best for people.

Hopefully this will give you a good head start but if you’re craving some more this handy guide from the
IAB called New to Online has plenty more tips and tricks.

One more thing…this wonderfully well-made advert called Carousel from Phillips back in 2009, is why I love advertising (remember to go full screen).

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