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The secret to being a good intern: you’ll be surprised

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12:14 PM | 3 March 2014
by Charles Oben
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Charles Oben discusses what it takes to gain the most from an internship. He shares some great tips to help make you standout.

Friday was the last day of my internship at Work Club.

It’s been great because I learned the secret to being a good intern.

The four magic words no one ever told you.

Embrace being an intern.

As Will Humphrey rightly said, “You may have a first from your University and have been academic hot shit; that doesn’t mean anything in the real world.”

Lots of people don’t get that. They expect to waltz in, sprinkle a little fairy dust and immediately be given keys to the kingdom.

Truth is, you know the square root of diddly squat. Consider yourself the beef off the back of a still moaning cow. Raw. Add real work experience for seasoning.

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