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The importance of being mobile (part three) | Career opportunities in mobile

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10:24 AM | 2 April 2013

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Mobile marketing, advertising, interface design, user experience, content delivery &  application development. These are just a handful of the new and interesting career paths that have spawned due to the immense growth of mobile technologies. The mobile industry is ever expanding and virtually any company or brand is required to have a deep know-how of mobile applications, content and technology.

What positions are highly desirable at the moment and are there any specific requirements to successfully apply for these positions?

The mobile marketing & advertising industry

  • Mobile marketing manager
  • Junior campaign manager
  • Mobile ad operations executive
  • Mobile content creator

Mobile advertising changes the way we think about commercials and the communication between brands and it’s consumers/customers. Mobile advertising networks are being created to ensure that (customised & personal) marketing content is being delivered to mobile devices all across the globe.

This development has generated interesting jobs where we see the combination of traditional sales and marketing positions combined with the required knowledge of the mobile industry in all its facets. And not forgetting the content that needs to be created, graphic elements & animations that serve as assets for mobile rich media advertisements.

Mobile interface design and user experience

  • Mobile interface design
  • Mobile user experience design

If you have a background in, or were always fascinated by graphic & website design, you may want to retool your skills and adopt a new design mind-set. Traditional web design is rapidly evolving to a so-called “mobile first” design approach. This of course requires some technical knowledge of mobile devices & mobile operating systems. And in terms of visual design and content it requires a completely different approach due to the small and diverse screen sizes of mobile devices. Web traffic generated by mobile devices is steadily growing, while web traffic from desktop and laptop computers is decreasing. This is somewhat a sign that knowledge of mobile UI & UX is becoming more and more valuable for companies. So if you’re a website or traditional interface designer and looking for new opportunities and challenges you should think “mobile first” too!

Mobile application development

Mobile application development is foremost in the mobile industry sector with the most job possibilities. Although you will certainly need a math or physics background there are still a lot of junior application developer positions which of course still require some technical know how of mobile applications and coding languages but are really more accessible than you can imagine. As mobile applications nowadays can be programmed in so called low level programming languages, that are relatively easy to pick up such as Javascript and HTML5.

There are currently so many digital advertising, marketing and web agencies on the lookout for talented young people that have an educational background (or at least some) related to mobile technologies. It certainly pays of to keep this in mind while your are still at uni or already looking for career opportunities.


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