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The answer to your ideas

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12:41 PM | 4 November 2013

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Without influence or inspiration, generating incredible ideas become a bit tricky. But every idea we know comes from a story. Human behaviour fuels all our ideas, here are several places that I rely on creative inspiration.


Comedians don't just stand there and say something funny. Their jokes can be full of crazy and wonderful thoughts. Most comedians base their acts on human beings and we become the butt of their jokes. Frankie Howerd and Noel Fielding are great examples. Studying their work will give your brain a boost.


Newspapers are full of human insights and truths. They are up to the minute information. Even if it's 5 minutes a day reading the Metro or Evening Standard on your way home or having a quick scan on the internet to see what’s going on when you wake up. Believe me, there will be a little gem in there.


Pinterest is one of my favourites! It’s simply a stream of images from fashion to cute animals. I have found some right treasures and it's a great way to gather images for mood boards (which could help you explain your idea).

Ted Talks

TED is Technology, Entertainment and Design. It holds conferences all over the world, bringing the thinkers and the doers of our planet together. The beauty of TED Talks is that no one talk is over 18 minutes. So they are quick and easy to digest.

Need more places for inspiration, read 10 ways to keep your mind full of ideas.

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