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Ten Ways To Keep Full Of Ideas

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10:34 AM | 10 September 2013
by Adam Oldfield
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The digital industry can be a fierce world but with the right attitude and advice you can succeed. These tips will keep your mind fit and nimble for securing a job.

1. Read

Take in as much content as humanly possible across your areas of passion. Bury yourself in books, newspapers, blogs, magazines, comics, the dictionary and sign up for newsletters. Consume anything and everything you're interested in. Check out our handy links.

2. Quality

In everything you do, make it as great as possible. From putting together your CV/portfolio (check out these CV Superstars for inspiration) to producing work in your spare time. Quality control is vital between standing out from all the other rubbish.

3. Difference

Try different things to achieve your goal and always remain yourself. Employers love it when you stand out because of a project, passion or achievement.

4. Travel

Soak up your surroundings on a local level and travel, whether it’s at home or abroad. Set yourself targets every year to visit a few new places you’ve never been before. You are the sum of your experiences.

5. Technology

Stay on top of new technologies. Technology is obviously a fully integrated part of the digital industry and there are more than a few brands who will bend over backwards to do "something new". Employers look for people who understand how the world is changing.

6. Escape

Leave technology behind for a weekend to refresh and stimulate your mind in other ways. Let your creativity out and you'll find coming up with those stellar ideas a much easier process.

7. Hard work

There will be late nights, tight deadlines and weekends full of work. But if you’re prepared to do this you’ll go a long way. Even saying no to those drinks and nights out will pay off in the end. Then once you've made it, you can party away.

8. Fail

"If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative" said Woody Allen. Failure shows you've tried and you will always learn something from the experience. Fail away.

8. Selling

If you want to work in digital, selling is a day to day job. Not many people will promote you, so use your skills to pimp your talents to prospective employers and everyone around you. Don't expect to be plucked out from nowhere, life's not a Hollywood movie.

9. Love

Look at case studies from advertising campaigns you love. What makes them so good? Look at the advertising you hate. How would you change it to make it something you love?

10. Build

In whatever role you want, making things is instrumental. Use your spare time to create things with your passion. You'll learn so much that can be applied to other projects and along the way people will approach for your skills.

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