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Make stuff, be happy, get a job?

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11:00 AM | 25 February 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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This is the hand-made cover from Shortlist's recent issue. Within is an article about how ditching office work and making stuff instead is great. And well, they've got a point. 

We're not saying that you should give up on getting into the creative industries and become a carpenter instead. In fact, making stuff could be your ticket into the creative industries. Making stuff isn't just carving wood or making furniture. It's about all those turning those ideas banging around inside your imaginative head into actionable projects. Maybe you've got an interesting app idea. Just make it. Got a short film idea? Just make it. A funny Twitter account? Just make it. Plans for the next generation of deadly weapons? ...wait, don't just make that. 

In the creative industries we're in the business of making stuff. If you're a designer, you're already creating artwork, posters and websites. But what about you advertisers, marketers and what nots? You've probably got a bunch of ideas so why not go out and make them rather than just scamping an idea or just telling someone "Wouldn't it be great if..."?

And if that impassioned plea doesn't do it for you, think about these other benefits:

  • Interesting points of discussion in interviews (and the pub). 
  • Shows off problem solving skills if you can make something you previously didn't know understand.
  • Build you own brand and promote your name. If people like it, they'll share it and you could get interviews, freelance work and full time jobs off the back of your hard work.
  • Getting away from that computer screen, pad of paper and marker pen fumes has got to be good for you.


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