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Is your Facebook page sabotaging your brand?

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12:15 PM | 26 August 2014
by Will Moir
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Let's face it, employers are likely to look you up online so they will probably find that photo album from "Max's 18th!!!!" where you are passed-out drunk in a hedge somewhere. Not going to look too great to the employer is it? So how do you successfully use social media to portray yourself as a professional, yet still keep it so you can have fun?

Well, the easiest solution would be never get drunk and stupid in the first place but as this is the 21st century and you are probably at uni, well that's just not going to happen. Therefore make sure you monitor what you are posting online. Especially when it comes to photos. If you see a lot of bad ones going up then un-tag yourself. It's your future, you should do everything you can to protect it.

When writing and sharing posts, again think before you do. Your employer isn't going to want to see you're the "Head of tearing s**t up around London". Also think about what you're typing. It's ok to swear but don't go mad, you don't want to come across as rude and aggressive. And don't go liking pages such as "the marketing world are a bunch of w**kers". This again isn't going to go down well when you try to get a job.

Social media is probably nowadays the best way to make contacts and get your name out there so use it. Follow your favourite directors, companies, etc. Get involved with the conversation that is going on around you and be part of what ultimately could be your future.

So, think before you do and always have in the back of your mind "Would I want to hire this person?"

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