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In the beginning

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9:45 AM | 5 July 2013
by Adam Oldfield
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After dropping out of school at fifteen in 1909, Sidney Weinberg was in need of a job. He took a visit to Wall Street and picked out the nicest, tallest building he could find.

He made his way through every office in the building asking for a job before reaching a small brokerage house. Every company turned him down, there were no jobs available. 

The next day he returned to the brokerage house which he had been turned away from. He lied and told them he had been asked to come back - they believed him and gave him a job as the janitors assistant.

The small brokerage house was Goldman Sachs.

He was making three dollars a week. His responsibilities involved brushing the firm's partner's hats and wiping the mud from their overshoes.

One day he carried a flagpole on the tram to the Sachs family house. Paul Sachs the founders grandson was impressed by Weinberg and shortly afterwards promoted him to the mailroom.

Sachs then put Weinberg through college to learn penmanship where he soon worked his way up. In 1925 he gave Weinberg a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and by 1930 he had become a senior partner at the company.

Weinberg helped turn around Goldman Sachs and made it one of the most prestigious investment banks in the world from just a humdrum role.

Eventually, Weinberg became the CEO of Goldman Sachs until he passed away in 1969. Throughout his career he was known as a humble man with a charming sense of character. His remarkable story is a simple reminder that background and abilities are insignificant.

If you have the will, passion and desire you will succeed. Keep this in mind when you are starting out and remember, once you're in, you're in. With hard work and persistence you can work your way up to the top no matter who you are or what you're job title.

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