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How to discover your dream job

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10:30 AM | 4 November 2015
by Lars Bjornbakk
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Finding your dream job is kind of like finding your way in the dark. Either you see it as a lighthouse, a beacon from afar, and you do what you can to find your way towards it; or you find yourself walking with a flashlight, knowing roughly what direction you’re headed, but you can’t see more then a few steps ahead.

For me it was like the last of those two. My way into the creative industry sprung out from the ambition of becoming a photographer. That didn’t happen. Today I’m a strategist, and I couldn’t be happier. I got here by being sure of one thing: that I’m not sure of anything.

When finding your way in the dark with a flashlight, rather than being focused on the outcome, you’re focused on the process. Learning anything you can along the way, grabbing any opportunity that comes your way to find the best path.

"Being interested leads to opportunities, and that quickly makes you more interesting."

In that sense I think I’ve been lucky, as my curiosity has taken me to some amazing places, where I’ve met a lot of talented people who’ve pushed me in the right direction. Along the way I’ve learned that being interested leads to opportunities, and that quickly makes you more interesting.

When I embarked on my first year of studying advertising and brand communication back in Norway, I was absolutely lost. But I met a lot of bright people who showed me the way, presenting me with some amazing opportunities. I found my place in teams doing strategy and project management, and after two years I had been part of winning several awards. At this point I was pretty sure project manager was my path to follow.

I then moved down to Southampton for a top-up year to get a BA in advertising, where I was presented with an account management role, and I started thinking this could be my light from afar.

During this period my best friend, (and one of the best designers I’ve ever met) and I became business partners, and we started our own design agency. I then became absolutely sure that project management was the role I was meant to fill. So I stayed at the university for another year doing a masters in project management alongside working with our agency.

Unsurprisingly my business partner soon got an offer he couldn’t refuse. AKQA always was his lighthouse, and now he was there. And I was again left in the dark, but my sense of direction was stronger than ever before.

"I was again left in the dark, but my sense of direction was stronger".

As there was no production in our agency anymore, my job was account management; making sure that our clients had the things they needed, and doing small tweaks and design amendments. I really enjoyed this work, and became pretty sure that my future either lay in project management or account management.

Being approached by a few different agencies for work in project management or account management, it seemed like I was on a steady course for where I should be, even though the agencies either didn’t seem like the right opportunity for me, or didn’t fit as I was still doing my masters.

Continuing my tradition of showing interest in any opportunity that came my way, I became aware of the agency Rufus Leonard. It seemed like a agency with the right culture for me to grow in, and their interest for always finding better ways to do things aligned perfectly with my ambitions.

"Through FutureRising I found out about their RAW internship."

Through FutureRising I found out about their RAW internship. Even though I had an offer for a full time position as project manager, I applied for the client services internship and got through as one of the 25 on their workshop day.

I got an email back from Rufus, inviting me to interview for a permanent position as strategist. I hadn’t thought about strategy in years, but I was still sure of one thing - I still wasn’t sure about anything.

I got the job. Now I was back in the dark again. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know what was expected of me. However, within a few weeks everything lit up. I didn’t land my dream job, I discovered it. Luckily the bright people I’m surrounded by at Rufus saw it, and led me there.

"I didn’t land my dream job, I discovered it. "

Thinking about it now, it really make sense; my job is to read, think and have an opinion. This is the definition of my dream job. I might not be sure of anything; but if there ever was a thing to be sure of it is that being a strategist at Rufus Leonard has shined the light on what my dream job is.

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