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Getting work experience, an internship or full time job in advertising – part one

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14:22 PM | 27 April 2011
by Adam Oldfield
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If you look at the IAB and IPA, the opportunities in advertising can leave you feeling like a kid in a sweet shop, but without any experience in the industry, you have no idea if you would suit the roles on offer or get confused because there are simply too many choices.

This is a first in a series of posts about finding work experience, an internship or a full time job in the advertising and marketing industry. First up, an overview to get you started and looking in the right places for opportunities…

Advertising has always been an industry that has had to constantly evolve and create new ways of getting a message across to the consumer which ultimately says, give me your money. The internet has sped up that evolutionary process and essentially ripped up the rule book. We're now seeing brands having to create experiences for the consumer in the hope of generating loyalty. A good example is Nike Plus. The expertise behind it is very different to the days when an idea was visualised by an art worker.

This means that no matter your background, there are so many different skills needed across research, planning, producing, monitoring, etc that there is now a place for anyone in the advertising and marketing industry. All you need is inspiration to get involved and dedication to create opportunities and experiences that help you to discover where you could fit in.

Have a look at the links mentioned above (IAB and IPA). This should give you some ideas about where you might be best suited. It is also worth approaching brands and agencies directly. Look into what they’re doing and gauge the feel of the company. If you feel you would fit in then approach them. Prospective companies will respect and appreciate you for doing this and may even consider you for a role based on you being bold and brave enough to have a go. It is said that the majority of jobs don’t get advertised but here are some sites that list current opportunities.

Hopefully that has given you an idea of how to find out more. Next in this series I’ll go into depth about finding work experience and some good tips to go with it. If in the meantime you have any questions or ideas about what you would like us to write about here at futurerising, please

One thing I’d recommend is taking the initiative like this guy:

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