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Fight for what is worthy

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10:30 AM | 13 November 2014
by Noviana Chandra
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You might have heard of this guy called Caleb Brauner. Or not. He was one of the thousands of dancers who auditioned early this year for an American dance series called “So You Think You Can Dance”. No, don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about how amazing of a dancer he is, or why he should have been on the show. Instead, I’m going to make you realise that in each of us, there is a Caleb Brauner. 

"There’s a fighter in each of us that is waiting to be released."

Last year he came to the New Orleans audition, but he was cut from the first round. He tried again this year at the same audition. Still, he didn’t make it pass the first round. He knew that getting through would mean so much for him and his family so he fought for it. Going to another audition in Chicago a couple of days later, he finally made it to the next round. 

I believe all of us have, if not are, experiencing this in our lives. The life of a twenty-something trying to get a job in the creative industries is not so breezy. A lot of worry and fear from the thought of how we’re going to get a job, and when we finally do, if we’re going to excel in it. Everyone around us seems to always do more and better than what we’re doing. The uncertainty of what is to come, the confusion of what to do, and the frustration from rejections. Everything seems so daunting.

"This industry is tough. That’s why we have to dig deep to find the strength to keep going until we make it."

One thing we have to remember is that there’s a fighter in each of us that is waiting to be released. Our journeys to get to where we are now weren’t easy either I’m sure, but we are here. We fought to be here. We fell, we stood up and we tried again. The fighter is there, inside all of us. This industry is tough. That’s why we have to dig deep to find the strength to keep going until we make it. After all, anything that will be worth our fight will never come easy. It is the hardship that makes it worthy.

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