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Don’t just be another CV

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12:30 PM | 5 November 2015
by Tom Withers Green
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I walk past Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I rather sheepishly look through the window every time and have that terrible ‘fear of missing out’ feeling. Reminiscent of my teenage years of not been invited to the cool party. A feeling I can’t stand.

A week into my Account Management internship at FutureRising, I inquisitively ask the office “So what’s CP+B like?”. The feedback is just what I imagined, adjectives thrown around such as “cool”, “creative” and “young”. It is confirmed, I simply must work for CP+B. The question is, what is my plan of attack?

I have a heated careers meeting, tactics are discussed, ideas are shot down, voices are raised. But eventually a game plan is set. Firstly CV and cover letter get the reboot, Christopher Nolan style.

Before the remake, my CV was achingly dull. I believe my font was Garamond (possibly the most boring typeface in the world). Now I use the ever so trendy Helvetica Nue - Light. I have an illustration of my profile in one corner all sorts of lines perfectly spaced drawn around my now beautiful A4 sheet of paper. A lot of gobbledygook has been culled from my CV. CP+B probably don’t give a monkeys that I passed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award back in 2006.

My cover letter is divine. Helvetica Nue - Light, it looks like it was made in Shoreditch. The content isn’t bad either, if you don’t mind me saying so myself.

Now I must find the best quality paper known to mankind. The type of paper one simply can’t throw in the bin, discard to the bottom of a pile, or spill coffee on it. The type of paper you hold against you face and think wow that’s some serious paper.

I have my paper, I have a CV and cover letter with panache. Lastly, I need to pluck up the courage and knock on the door and hand it over in person. No more emails in the vein hope they might get read. It’s a savage garden out there and I must have sent a hundred emails to It is a waste of time.

28th October 2015 / 10:45

Location: CP+B (cool office in Kings Cross).

I’m walking towards the pink elephant.

My heart's beating like an erratic drum.

There are some cool cats having a fag outside.

I have arrived.

I am now at the mercy of the woman at reception.

I buzz the ringer.

She motions me to push.

I somehow manage to balls up the simplest of tasks. I have been opening doors for 20 years.

Eventually the door gives in.

I am in.

“Hello, I was wondering if I could give my CV and cover letter to Charles.” I say.

“I normally sit next to him, I will give it to him”, the kind lady says.

“Thank you, that would be very kind.” I turn around.

I have yet more malarkey with the wretched door.

28th October 2015 / 10:55 am

I am walking back to FutureRising with a spring in my step.

29th October 2015 / 10:00 am

I send a follow-up email.

29th October 2015 / 10:20 am

I have a reply

“Come in for a chat.”

I was over the moon with the response. I was brave, confronted my fears of looking like an idiot. But I have concluded that it looks good from an employers point of view. To see someone face to face with guts and determination is only going to be positive.

To people reading this, I would like to tell you advertising is full. There is no room for aspiring account executives. But the truth is - It’s not full. Like I said it is a cool party. You have to get noticed to get the invite. You’re not going to get noticed sitting behind a computer screen trying to ‘E-Meet’ people. Put yourself out there and perhaps you might get an invite for a meeting like I did.

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