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Common CV mistakes and how to avoid them

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15:15 PM | 2 September 2014
by Will Moir
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Got your CV all glitzed up and ready to go? Before you get the photo copier whirring or bust out your list of email addresses, check out this list we've put together to be sure your CV doesn't contain any of the most common mistakes.

Applying for positions your CV doesn't qualify you for

If your CV doesn't have the right qualifications on it, you are just wasting your time. Make sure your CV is up-to-date with all your experience and avoid applying to any job that is way too senior for you. If you're only missing a little bit of what they're asking for, then they probably will consider you. Employers are looking for people who have space to learn and grow with the role. 

Providing irrelevant personal information

not too many employers will care much about your membership to Marvels Ultimate Alliance. Employers do want to know about who you are as a person beyond the professional you, but that stuff can go in cover letters and come out in job interviews.

Hiding important information

If its important it should have precedence. You have a small amount of space to sell yourself. Make sure the best stuff is clear and unavoidable to anyone who picks up your CV.

Spelling errors

Check, check and check again. Read it aloud many times. And always get a friend or family member to read through.


White lies you may be able to get away with but don't embellish your CV. If it comes to an interview you will be asked about points on your CV.

A long, long, long, like really long CV

They won't read it, honest. The conventional wisdom is to keep CVs to a maximum of two sides of A4, but at the beginning of your career you probably only need one. Cut out anything that isn't absolute gold.

Bad formatting

Especially for the creative industry, presentation is everything. If you go down the creative CV route keep it simple and tidy.

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