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6 ways to impress your next guest lecturer

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12:15 PM | 3 October 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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It doesn't matter which uni course you're on, you're bound to get a bunch of guest lecturers in over the years. It's important not to waste those opportunities. Even if the guest lecturer isn't doing the role you want, or not at an agency you like, they are bound to know people who are (just recently I spoke to an Art Director at a small agency you've probably never heard of and he gave me contacts for BBH, VCCP, RKCR/Y&R, AMV BBDO and loads more).

Impressing a guest lecturer can lead to great things. Here's a few tips on what to do the next time you have a guest lecturer in.

1. Be there to welcome them

Most the time, guest lecturers will arrive at the uni reception and one of your tutors will have to go fetch them and bring them to the lecture room. Offer to do this job. You'll get some extra time with the guest lecturer and you'll stand out massively.

2. Ask questions

They'll always be time for questions and most students will never ask any. If you want to stand out and impress your guest lecturer, asking questions is definitely the way to go. Make things easier for yourself by making notes on what to ask throughout the lecture. 

3. Introduce yourself

They can't remember you if they never know who you are. At the end of the lecture, be sure to go up, talk to them and give them your name.

4. Ask for contact details

Some guest lecturers will give everyone their contact details at some point during the talk, some might only bother giving them to those who bother asking for them. Either way, make sure you get them and make sure you follow up with more questions. Don't worry about bothering them, they want to see that you're interested in learning as much as possible.

5. Offer to buy them a drink

Everyone in the creative industries loves a free drink and they'll definitely appreciate the offer. But the best thing about this is that it gives you more time to chat to them in a more relaxed environment. Pick their brains for any useful nugget they can give you. 

6. Say thank you

Sometimes it's just the little things that really make a difference. If you thank someone for coming, they'll instantly warm to you (certainly more so than if you just walk out the door without saying a word).

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