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5 things FutureRising can do to help you get a job without qualifications

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13:15 PM | 14 August 2014
by Will Moir
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A level results were released today. Congratulations to everyone from FutureRising. Some people will be shooting off to university soon but many of you have chosen not to go in that direction. And for those of you not willing to spend three to four years getting a degree, here are five ways that FutureRising can help you get a job.

1. Opportunities

We advertise a load of internship and job opportunities for all sections of the creative industry. By staying up to date with the site you may stumble across your dream job and we can guide you into securing that place. Whether it's design, PR, advertising or anything else in the creative industries, you are bound to find something that appeals to you.


We hold a number of events across the country designed to give you the chance to meet and work with industry professionals. If you are working on your portfolio, we have events where you can get valuable feedback and advice on how to improve. Or if you just want to grab a drink with people in the industry, we have an event for that. All of our events are free, so sign up before all the places are gone!

3. Networking

We all know the phrase "It's not what you know, it's who you know". And we can help you to get to know people. With our creative network, you can get in touch with professionals, agencies and other young people. It's a really easy way to get the connections you need.

4. Guidance

While working with the industry, we have put together a collection of creative industry career guides. These are aimed to help you discover careers, give you the tips on how to land a job and how to benefit from opportunities. In addition we supply a selection of useful links to agencies and content that you can read to ensure you are ready for when the time comes.

5. Briefs

If you aren't off to university this September then that will mean you won't be getting set work to bulk up your portfolio. Don't worry, we have teamed up with a number of employers who set briefs specifically for you. These employers offer jobs, internships, prizes and feedback for the best pieces of work. It's also a great way to develop and improve your creative skills.

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