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25 tips for getting a job in the creative industries

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15:00 PM | 1 August 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Every day we tweet some top career tips. We decided to put a few of these in one place. Many of them are things to help you get ahead, things you should be doing while in university and before you start your real job search. For more of these tips every day, follow FutureRising on Twitter.

1. Start now. If you begin your portfolio, making contacts, etc now then you'll be way ahead later.

2. Get networking. Go to events and talk to people – they won't bite and most the time they're happy to have a chat.

3. Practise your craft.

4. Don't try to adapt to every piece of advice/criticism you get. Choose what makes sense to you and go with that.

5. Don't be a dick. Word spreads quickly in the creative industries and people may not want to work with you.

6. Be curious. It proves to employers that you're really interested in them and their agency.

7. Don't worry about what other people are doing. If you do, you'll always be playing catch up.

8. Don't fear failure. Those that do never try anything new and never stand out.

9. Stay up to date with the creative industries.

10. Do your homework. If you go somewhere for an interview, make sure you know as much as possible about that place.

11. The way you look, walk and talk is your brand. Think about what your image says to others.

12. Be persistent. People won't always reply to your first email, or give you a job after one meeting. Just keep at it until they do.

13. If you’re a little nervous in your job interview, pretend your talking to a friend and talk as if you were to them.

14. Mine your life for contacts. That uncle of a friend of a sister's friend might have a job for you.

15. If you can't keep your blog/site updated, don't have one.

16. Ask questions. Always be ready to ask people stuff. At talks, during interviews, etc. You'll stand out and look more interested.

17. Saying "I'm a team player" on your CV won't cut it. You have to prove it. Create some collaborative projects or work and show it off to employers.

18. Be friendly and sociable. Employers look for someone they can spend weeks, months or years sitting in a room with.

19. Make sure employers can see you’re prepared, turn up on time to interviews (if not a little early) and be prompt in replying to emails and calls.

20. Always phone if you have an employer's number. If you only have an email address, write an email and make sure to follow up until they give you an answer.

21. Whether you're a first year or a graduate, start putting together a portfolio and getting feedback as early as possible.

22. Say thank you. Always thank people for interviews and book crits. A follow-up email to say thank you is always nice.

23. Proofread stuff. bad speling and grmmar looks slopppy.

24. Take every opportunity. Even a coffee with someone junior could lead to something great.

25. Always ask for contact details, whether it’s a name, email address or phone number, so you can follow up.

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