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9 TED Talks you should watch to build a strong career

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11:35 AM | 25 November 2016
by Arthur Gueidan
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TED Talks have become one of the best video resources online. Whether it's knowledge or inspiration, you can find any talks covering every subject out there. I've discovered some of the best Ted Talks focused around careers, so here's nine of the best:

Why do we work?

If you ask most people, 'Why do we work?', the majority will reply 'to get a pay check'. Barry Schwartz talks about the attitude people have towards work and how it needs to change.

"Whether your response to poverty is resignation or revolution depends on how you understand the sources of you poverty" your mind-set decides how you will feel towards working, respond to it with a revolution and expand your mind to the many amazing opportunities that work can bring to you.

Let this video change your opinion on working - make it positive and enjoy what you do.

The way to work doing what you love to do

Scott Dinsmore talks about how many people are not happy with their job “so many people around us are climbing their way up this ladder that someone tells them to climb” so many people do what they're told.

In this talk, Dinsmore's mission to help people find what excites them and to encourage them to build their career around this.

Watching this video inspired me to follow the road that I wanted to go down. It reminded me that what path I take will affect the life I live. Watch this video and allow it to encourage you to take charge of your own life.

Goodbye to career planning

Ask your friends, your family: 'Did you have a career plan', 'does that plan follow what you are doing now'. It is more than likely they won’t have ended up in the career they had planned for.

Tim Clark says "say goodbye to career planning". Understand that you are in charge of your career and every day you have the opportunity to change your life.

Let this video remind you that life isn’t about having a plan, plans change and so do you.

The Key to success

What is it that allows some people to me more successful than others? That is the question that has always raised a problem in my mind.

Angela Lee Duckworth has the answer; it is having 'grit'. Having passion and perseverance. It is having the stamina to achieve your long-term goals. To be successful you must be persistent and motivated, without these qualities, you won’t find yourself at the top.

If you feel the reason you haven’t found your success is because of your intelligence, looks, health - then think again. Watching this video allows you to realise the real way to a successful life.

Decide your own future

Patti Dobrowolski talks about drawing your own future, how you can change your life and live the life you desire.

In order to achieve the life you dream of you must be able to see it then believe it. If you do this all you need to do is act on it.

This video will inspire you to act upon your dreams and make change happen. Listen to the words of Patti Dobrowolski and decide your own future.

Sometimes all you need to do is say

Shonda Rhimes speaks here of a very inspirational story of how saying 'yes' can not only open you up to many different opportunities but it can also improve your way of life at home and in your career.

Rhymes talks of the sensational feeling of 'the hum' the buzz of working, the dream job, the busy lifestyle and how she lost the motivation after losing this amazing feeling. Listen to how saying yes to everything helped Shonda change her life through her career and how this can help you change yours.

How do you decide the balance between work and life?

Nigel Marsh offers some stirring encouragement in this video to help you lay out the ideal balance between a productive work, personal time and time with your family.

Not everything can be done in one day, it impossible but it is important to remember there are different aspects of your life that you cannot miss out on.

"We need to approach balance in a balanced way."

Why the best hire might not have the best resume

Regina Hartley talks about how the person with the best CV might not be the best person to hire. She says give the 'scrapper' a chance, that person who has been repeatedly underestimated could be the person with the most passion for the job.

This just shows that people who grew up in adversity will now have the same chance as people who come from a better background. You must remember that everyone has equal opportunities if you work for it no matter of your background.

How to live before you die

And to finish, one the most watched a career talks ever. Steve Jobs shares his inspirational story about his life before he found success. He says that you must pursue your dreams and use the opportunities you have in life.

After watching this video you will be reminded that no matter how many times you are turned down, or how things don’t work in your favour - as long as you are passionate about what you do, you will succeed.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

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