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8 ways to smash your last year at university

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8:30 AM | 14 October 2016
by Csilla Kulcsar
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Csilla Kulcsar, ex graduate of Middlesex University writes about 8 tips for smashing your last year at university.

Summer is officially over and the adulthood clock started ticking louder than ever. Congratulations! You have made it to your final year at university. You will soon start dreading it, if you haven’t already – but let me tell you a secret: it will definitely be different. You have gone through the first two years trying to figure out how to properly reference essays, which pub has the best offers at happy hour, what are the best times to go to the library.

But ultimately, this is the year you need to focus a little bit more so that at the end, you gain a little bit more. As a recent graduate myself, here are eight tips how to make it count:

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