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6 things you should know before getting a job in design

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14:05 PM | 2 June 2016
by Arthur Gueidan
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We spoke to six amazing artists from the design industry to ask them one question, "What is the one thing you should know before getting a job in design?" Here’s what they said.

Caterina Bianchini, Designer, Boiler Room

"I think the main thing to consider is that as a designer you should never be too precious."

"I think in your spare time you should build up a portfolio that says something about you, and something about your personality as a designer, however, when working in industry you should never be too precious about the work you create, you are working within brand guidelines and therefore restricted with style and the outcome."

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Stuart McReath, Artist & Illustrator

"People have different tastes, not everyone may like the style of your work, but everyone loves a good idea."

Strong concepts should be the fundamentals of your folio. Always try to get to the lowest common denominator of an Idea or thought, simplicity is key."

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Miguel Sousa, Senior Designer, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Your technical skill are important, but your ideas, the ability to create empathy and teamwork, can do much more for your career"

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Thomas Wightman, Graphic Designer Junior, TwelfthMan

"Follow your heart and do the kind of work that excites you."

"Don’t worry about getting a high paying job right out of school, first try to work with designers or studios you admire and learn as much as you can. Work your ass off, stay persistent, and continue to challenge yourself.

Try and discover where your passion lies within Design, whether that be branding, typography, packaging, advertising, motion. Use the time after graduation to try each of these out and see where you fit in the industry…"

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Dan Mumford, Freelance Illustrator

"You’re going to have to compromise at some point."

"If you’re working with other people, under other people or for other people, chances are their vision won’t always line up with yours. Being art directed can be incredibly annoying, and sometimes seem to be the complete opposite direction that you might take your work for the project. But ultimately unless you are in control, the best thing you can do is to try and cleverly steer things in what you feel to be the correct direction, always works out a lot smoother than trying to force your opinion on someone."

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Sam Ladlow, Design Manager, Sapient Nitro

"I suppose one thing every designer should know before they get a job is that they need to lose their ego."

"No matter how well you are doing or how great you think your idea is, you need to be objective and analytical.

Can you make it better, does your design inform, engage and instruct effectively. Also by having no ego you will be more responsive to feedback and form better relationships in the work place. Let your design do the talking and then nobody will think you are an asshole!"

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