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5 tips for keeping up social media to help you land a job

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8:45 AM | 11 November 2016
by Gergana Tacheva
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1. Update and Complete Your Social Media Profiles

Keep your LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest up to date. This is your opportunity to show your experience, skills, education, achievements, passion, interests and hobbies. In fact, employers are often looking for new people via using free social media platforms. Moreover, make sure that your information is completed and well-organised.

2. Follow & Subscribe

This is your chance to show interest by engaging with influential people and brands you are fascinated by. Comment, share and like their posts! Engage! Engage! Engage!

This is also an amazing opportunity for you to network with the right people and also be memorable. Furthermore, feel free to subscribe career-relevant groups and endorse (LinkedIn) people you have worked with in the past. By doing this, you are increasing your chances to receive similar credits from your colleagues or mentors.

3. Be Visual

Upload your own projects and artwork. Show everyone your creativity and don’t forget to use images, videos and gifts, in order to get people’s attention.

The other important thing you may do is to connect all of your social media platforms. Make sure your contact details are visible enough, so people easily can contact you in case they need to. On the other hand, you can also personalise your cover pages if you wish. Moreover, It’s essential for you to use professional enough profile photo. On the other hand you can research the company you are aiming to work for and dress up similar to their style. Smart vs casual, find some examples here:]

4. Content

Use all of your connections as a provider of relevant content. You can always re-tweet their posts or blogs, which inspires you the most. Don’t forget about the power of hashtags and emojis. For example, you can tell people if you are going to an exciting networking event or if you are currently working on something. This shows that you are keen, motivated and ambitious, which is what employers are looking for.

Moreover, have in mind that there are certain times, when it’s “best” to tweet or publish a post. For instance, Facebook’s best social media time is 2PM-5PM. However the worst time is 10PM-4AM. On the other hand, Twitter’s best social media time is 1PM-3PM, but the worst time slot is 8PM-8AM.

5. Tide Everything Up

Make sure you don’t have any embarrassing photos. In other words, don’t keep anything you don’t want your mom to see.
Try to be professional as possible especially while you are using LinkedIn. Moreover, you can check your settings on Facebook for instance and prevent any risks in terms of being tagged on a photo from last Friday night.

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