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5 reasons why you are not landing a job

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11:00 AM | 26 February 2016
by Emma Bugler
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Do you feel it’s become near impossible to get a job? Wondering what everyone else is doing different to get one?

Well don’t worry you’re not the only one who goes through this trouble, finding a job can be difficult under any circumstances no matter if you have a brilliant degree, applied for many different positions and had countless interviews.

You may think its time to give up, that there is nothing else you can do? But the key is to keep going and you will find the right job for you.

Here are five reasons you may not be landing jobs with tips to help.

1. You are waiting for jobs to come to you

Unless you have an incredibly powerful network will jobs just fall into your lap so never stop searching for jobs. One of many mistakes made is only applying for a job when you are out of work, or have an interview. Just because you have secured an interview doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get the job.

It’s a full time job searching. Always keep your eyes open for new jobs. Carry on networking, promoting yourself and don’t stop until you’ve signed a contract.

2. You’re not promoting your talent enough

When applying for a job it is very likely for the employer to Google your name as it generally gives a good picture of your personality and the kinds of things you do.

The first step is to make sure your online profile represents your talentin the best light, that your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram isn’t giving the company a terrible impression of you. If it does, make some updates.

The second step is to create a professional online profile on sites such as here, FutureRising, LinkedIn, Behance or creating your own website to advertise your achievements.

3. You haven’t been networking

If you haven’t been networking this could be the reason for your lack of success. Making personal connections will allow more people to know what you’re doing, types of opportunities you’re looking for and will keep you top of mind when a job might come up. Remember that most jobs are never advertised, it’s who know someone in most cases.

Go to networking events, speak in person to the variety of employers, get business cards and really get a feel for the company. It also gives you a chance to ask them questions to make sure it’s a company you actually want to work for.

Social media can be a great way to make connections, it gives you a way to search for people in your specific industry and ask for advice and tips on what to do. The larger your network the easier it will be when looking for a job.

4. You’re not prepared

Think you can land a job by just ‘winging it’? In most situations this won’t cut it, employers will notice that you are talking jibberish or trying to blag your way in.

Make sure you know the ins and outs of the company. It’s more than likely the interviewer will ask you about what their company does? Who they work with? What can you bring to their company? Why do you want this job? What excites you about this area of work? Answer these types of questions with full confidence and you are well on your way.

Look the part and dress smartly. Its better to be over dressed that under, no employer wants a scruff bag on their team. First impressions are key so make sure you are prepared and make a good one.

5. Your attitude stinks

Attitude is vital to any job and the attitude you portray in an interview can affect your chances. You need to be relaxed, calm and never be aggressive. A negative, bored or miserable approach will make it easy for an employer to say no.

When going into an interview show enthusiasm about their work and that you are excited to become part of their business. Prove your passion for their industry. Its a good idea to wait until the interviewer sets the mood to give you a strong indication of the best way to act towards them. Find common interests to make yourself stand out from the other candidates.

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