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5 Body language techniques to conquer a job interview

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12:15 PM | 30 October 2015
by Philippa Smithers
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Your body language is pivotal for landing a job, here's a handful of non verbal ways to get ahead in a job interview.

So you’ve got yourself an interview. You’ve done your research and know the company's story like the back of your hand. You’ve got an answer prepared for any question they could possibly fire at you; from where you see yourself in five years, to what animal you’d be and why.

Answers are key in an interview - it’s vital to talk the talk. But what about walking the walk? Non-verbal communication and body language often get left by the wayside when it comes to preparation and delivery. However, what’s going on under the surface plays just as an important role. Up to 75% of communication is non-verbal.

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