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The rate of people being diagnosed with alzheimer’s is growing rapidly, with now 1 in 3 seniors dying of this incurable disease. Students from Miami Ad School has an idea to raise awareness.

  1. Kindle Sitting Library

    With over 28% of Americans having not read a book in the past year, students from Miami Ad School wanted to change that.

  2. Pocket Change

    When travelling abroad, a load of coins you end up with can become a problem, almost becoming useless. Ever has this problem?

  3. Learn a language with Spotify

    This idea by two students from Berghs School of Communication won them a Future Lion this year.

  4. IKEA Hållbar

    The product proposed by students from Berghs School of Communication in integrates Innoscentia technology, which provides a smart food sensor, with an IKEA food container. In order to encourage less food waste.

  5. Wear It All

    Berghs School of Communication students in 2014 recognised the struggle for most people when it comes to getting ready that you have nothing to wear, but that your wardrobe is full of clothes.

  6. NPower - Countdown

    Creative, Joel Buckley from the School of Communication Arts came up with an innovative digital experience to empower young people to get behind saving energy for the NPower D&AD New Blood 2015 brief.

  7. Imagination Taking Shape - 3DOH

    After recognising the amount of time children spend each day (average of eight hours daily) in front of screen, '3DOH' brings play back to the real world.

  8. Delivery Job

    Students Maria Pedrosa Riquelme and Nuria Muñoz Ramos from Miami Ad School were inspired by Pact Coffee and Facebook to come up with the inventive idea for job seekers to meet the gatekeepers to their dreams job.

  9. Using technology for a greater good - CareDrop Project

    Soham Chatterjee and Valerio Amaro came up with a life saving concept named 'Carebox Project' to help those displaced and driven into poverty during South Sudan's independence from Sudan in July 2011.

  10. Happy Milk

    Students came up with the ‘Voluntary Milking System’ (VMS) so cows and farmers are both happy. In conjunction with DeLaval, the idea allows cows to practically milk themselves.

  11. Retinoblastoma diagnosis through Snapchat

    Students from Miami Ad School came up with an idea that could help prevent retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer that affects only children.

  12. Colours for Sarajevo

    Joanna Sjostrand, a student from Miami Ad School, has created an award winning concept that aims to turn destruction into a thing of beauty.

  13. Watch for Nepal

    Miami Ad School students create an innovative way of donating to charity, by turning YouTube adverts that you would normally skip, into something that can change lives.

  14. Minecraft Rebuild

    Miami Ad School students take gaming to a whole new level with their Minecraft Rebuild campaign.

  15. Airbnb: Be Someone Else

    Another brilliant entry for the 2015 D&AD New Blood from: Kimberly Ong, Akarad Tachavatcharapa, Zarina Mendoza and George Widodo. Their idea, put simply, changes the perspective of travel in the sense of how and why.

  16. Chromebook Type

    Elton Rhee, Ludvig Pehrson and Luis Meyer, submitted Chromebook Type to Cannes Future Lions. A self-powered laptop whose keys are installed with Piezo-Electric nanogenerators that create energy from the pressure of typing.

  17. Be Icon-ic

    Icon designer Remi Rechtman has created a fantastic portfolio, branding himself as a designer.

  18. SafeStamp

    A creative from Miami Ad School came up with the innovative idea to reduce drink driving. The solution? Safe stamp.