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Contemporary tribute to father of modern printing

Spanish design studio BLOCD have paid tribute to the father of modern printing with a sweet treat.

  1. Follow the pen: Shantell Martin's eye-catching artwork

    In the busy world of art, Shantell Martin has carved herself a unique place.

  2. Minimalist portfolio catches the eye

    Graphic Designer, Sarah Bourdin, uses the clean look for her portfolio.

  3. Portfolio Porn

    Take a look at the these irresistibly creative portfolio designs for some serious inspiration.

  4. The business card that changes colour

    Photographer Al'z Ács' business card combines the creative and the beautiful - take a look for yourself.

  5. Big and bold: Graphic designer creates CV with a twist

    This graphic designer's reinvented CV and portfolio will make you rethink your own.

  6. Donut trickery lands guy 10 job interviews

    Lukas Yla set out to bag his dream tech job a little differently to how most of us would do it by sending tech giants a box of donuts.

  7. When I’m A Dad

    It’s no surprise a Black Pencil was awarded to Tom Anders for the 2015 D&AD New Blood/WeTransfer brief.

  8. Self-branding - the most important brand

    Applying for jobs can be a frustrating process. But before you begin, there’s one thing that can set you apart from other candidates - your own brand.

  9. Pokemon Go Ad Agency Hunt

    Just one week after the release of the blockbuster mobile game Pokemon Go, Asa Bradshaw saw an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and leverage it’s growing interest among London’s best advertising agencies.

  10. Handmade self promotion

    Vicky Hardman approaches self promotion from a different perspective by hand making flowers from paper and delivering them to design agencies.

  11. The personal and professional portfolio

    Personalisation and professionalism can be a combination of design harmony. The question is; has Luke Sutton found it with his portfolio?

  12. Private personal branding

    Jonas Nullens, a graphic designer and illustrator from Belgium, searched for inspiration within himself and chose aspects of his life that define him as a person in order to define his own self-branding.

  13. Brochure Portfolio

    Aesthetic. Stylish. Simplistic. Saying goodbye to the fancy facades with Neuneu Woo’s brochure portfolio.

  14. Shameless Self-Promotion

    Join Kyle Robertson on his all out self promotion package and rebranding.

  15. The Cardapult

    Bryce Bell, a mechanical engineer, created a business card that was memorable, unique and would represent him and his creativity.

  16. Me, Me, Me

    Self promotion is simply a clever way to talk about yourself, and the self promotion done by this design studio gives more than enough reason to talk about 'Me,'.

  17. Be Icon-ic

    Icon designer Remi Rechtman has created a fantastic portfolio, branding himself as a designer.

  18. The Pocketbook: 120 Tips for Designers

    An inspirational guide full of 120 tips for new designers covering personal growth, self promotion and working with clients.