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How to be seen

Graphic designer, Christine Johnson, shows us a different perspective to self-promotion with a pair of eye-catching wooden sunglasses she designed.

  1. Creative developer’s cubic portfolio

    Alex Motzenbecker, a Creative Developer from New York neatly promotes his collection of work and skills.

  2. Bag a date with your CV

    We use our CVs to land a dream job, so why not use it to land your dream partner? One student did exactly that with his dating CV.

  3. Creating a CV the Disney way

    Are you a Disney fan? Check out the CVs of your beloved characters including Ariel, Cinderella and Beast.

  4. The Male Copywriter

    A proud nominee of the 2017 Webby Awards and a cult sensation in the creative realm, Lawson Clarke, aka the Male Copywriter, announced his freelancer status with a tongue-in-cheek domain name and an unconventional portfolio site.

  5. 'How she leads': women empowerment

    Kristen Berkeley talks about her new series about her women empowerment series on Youtube, 'How she leads', which aims to shine light and appreciation on career women, to inspire others.

  6. How to doodle online

    Creative company, HAWRAF, does all things creative and they have a quirky website to go with their ideas.

  7. Design portfolio of talented Art Director, Jérémy Vitté

    Jérémy Vitté is a talented designer and Art Director with a portfolio website to inspire.

  8. Animated CV video takes you on a journey

    A graphic designer and illustrator creates a fantastic video resume.

  9. Web design portfolio goes through the motions

    If you're a freelance designer in need of inspiration for an online portfolio, we have you covered.

  10. The booklet that answers all your work worries

    Designer and Creative Director Ozan Karakoc has created a booklet to answer all your branding questions.

  11. Designer makes an impression with Adobe chocolate wrappers

    This genius graphic designer gifts potential employers and companies with these creative chocolate bars.

  12. Bold portfolio packaging will make you rethink your own

    Art Director and Illustrator, Ada Napiorkowski solves the portfolio space issue most designers have with a neat promotion pack.

  13. Artist Anna Lomax combines the bold and the beautiful

    Anna Lomax, artist and designer combines weird and wonderful objects to complete her vision.

  14. Minimalist portfolio packs a sweet treat

    Some portfolios go to extreme lengths to impress. Graphic Designer, Hayley Aroha, has raised the bar again.

  15. Sewn together

    Have you ever heard of a sewing together a portfolio to impress an employer? German Print Designer, Bianca Bunsas did just that.

  16. Retro cinema is charming nostalgic branding

    From the minds of Kuba Pechota and Fromsquare Studios, the Wroclaw American Film Festival will touch the hearts of every film lover.

  17. Portfolio pinball

    Graphic Designer, Yonju Kim, used a creative pinball promo to launch new portfolio .

  18. Genius pizza resume is the best thing you'll see today

    Everyone loves a bit of Photoshop sprinkled on their pizza, right? Designer Zvina Luke certainly does.