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6 surprising things about the media industry

Interested in a career in the digital media industry? Industry pro, Elspeth Spelzini shares few insights about the world of media.

  1. The Planning bootcamp

    Sharvari Dorwat attended a recent advertising planning bootcamp at FutureRising, she shares her experience from the day and some of the key take aways.

  2. Which Ad School And Why?!

    Finn O'Neill runs the rule over the plethora of advertising school options for aspiring creatives and compiles a global top 10 list.

  3. Dealing with job rejections

    Tom Withers Green gives his no-nonsense overview of recent job rejections at several agencies and the lesson he's learnt.

  4. 5 things I have learnt as a strategist (so far)

    Sahil Nathu a former Strategist at Sid Lee Amsterdam explores five things he's learnt to date working in planning/strategy.

  5. Grey London Job Application - do not be boring

    Tom Withers Green reveals why it's vital not to be boring with your job applications having just applied for Grey London's internship scheme.

  6. Four obvious pieces (and one not-so-obvious piece of advice) on starting your career brilliantly

    Heidi Hackemer, founder of Wolf & Wilhelmine, offers some advice on starting out in the creative industry.

  7. You’re (Probably) Not Liam Neeson

    Simen Moen, Media Planner at the7stars talks about the advantages of flexibility and having a diverse skillset within the job market.

  8. How to manage projects: an overview

    Lars Bjørnbakk explores the basics to project management and the methods available so you can figure out the best way to organise a project.

  9. Book Review - 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising

    Simon Veksner’s latest book landed on our desk recently. To help you decide if it’s for you, we’ve reviewed the book by the advertising genius from DDB Sydney.

  10. Things I learnt on my internship at Mindshare

    Advertising student Noviana Mona Chandra reflects on her internship at media agency Mindshare and picks out five things for anyone interested in following a career in media.

  11. 5 things you should see this week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus stuff something from around the web.

  12. 5 things you should know before getting a job in planning and strategy

    Strategic legends Rory Sutherland, Jon Steel, Agathe Guerrier, Gareth Kay, and Rob Campbell give their best advice to young planners.

  13. 5 things from last week you should see

    The very best from FutureRising over the last week including student work, interviews and answers.

  14. 5 things you should see from last week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus stuff from around the web.

  15. Kurl-on and Ogilvy's advert featuring Malala Yousafzai; offensive or not it raises an important point

    Kurl-on and Ogilvy's advert featuring Malala Yousafzai; offensive or not it raises an important point.

  16. Approaching companies for jobs or internships

    We outline the best ways to approach companies for career opportunities through emailing, calling, turning up unannounced and by pulling off stunts.

  17. Join the Naked bootcamp in Brazil for the World Cup

    An incredible opportunity to take part in a creative bootcamp that involves partying with creatives from all over the world whilst solving real business problems.

  18. 7 funniest adverts of all time

    Everyone loves a good laugh which is probably why funny ads do so well. So here's our favourite funny adverts to keep you inspired as well as giggling.