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Working from Singapore to England

Singapore and England are not only far apart in geography, the workplace culture is massively different.

  1. Top 5 rebrands

    June Ebube is a Masters student studying branding. She explores logo rebranding among global brands.

  2. How terrorism affects fashion

    Fashion and terrorism, you wouldn’t think the two would correlate… but they do. Fear is changing the industry.

  3. How to talk to your dismissive boss

    Working under a dismissive boss can be stressful, but we have the tips to improve your situation.

  4. How to make your summer internship count

    Will you be working all summer as an intern? Find out how to make the best of this opportunity!

  5. Realities of post-university for an international student

    Recent graduate Bunga Runtunuwu reflects on the troubles international students may have after graduating of landing a job immediately.

  6. The next decade of advertising

    Google glass, personalised advertising, and streaming have royally messed with the advertising industry, what's next?

  7. Being a woman in the music industry

    Music Business student, Ellie Nolan, sees how the music industry is slowly embracing equality, but she says it's still tough at the top.

  8. Scattered narratives

    With attention spans getting ever shorter, Jeremy Garner, Creative Director at OgilvyOne, asks how advertisers can keep you tuning in.

  9. Awkward things clients say that drive you crazy

    We've gathered some of the worst/hilarious/awkward things clients say to get it all out of your system in one fail swoop.

  10. London hotspots for getting your work done

    London professional, Tom Withers-Green, on the best places in London to grab a coffee and get your work done.

  11. Paper fires the brain

    Tony Cullingham, Watford Ad School, thinks we should step away from screens to find much greater success on paper. Do you agree?

  12. Five jobs that will exist in 10 years

    We're casting an eye into the future and making some predictions on what the next generation could be doing from nine to five.

  13. London, according to a northerner

    Northerner and FutureRising Intern, Henry Nice, gives his insight into what it's like working in the north and south of England.

  14. My first day on placement at the FutureRising Office

    Office newbie, Jordan Statham, tells us about his first day on placement at FutureRising HQ.

  15. 7 logos the world did not need

    These logos were met with dismay and mocking, take a look for yourself.

  16. 6 surprising things about the media industry

    Interested in a career in the digital media industry? Industry pro, Elspeth Spelzini shares few insights about the world of media.

  17. The Planning bootcamp

    Sharvari Dorwat attended a recent advertising planning bootcamp at FutureRising, she shares her experience from the day and some of the key take aways.

  18. The evolution of creativity

    Dipika Rangasami explores the meaning behind being creative and how the term previously reserved for specialist creators is todays hottest word in every industry.