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Get £100 off the Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference 2014

An exclusive offer for FutureRising readers. Get a whopping discount off this years copywriting conference.

  1. FutureRising at Middlesex University

    We took our very first trip to Middlesex University for a day of inspiring talks, quick pitching and networking. Featuring Krowd, M&C Saatchi and Lida.

  2. FutureRising hosts Oxford University and UCL

    We opened our doors for the first time to welcome the talented and eager students of Oxford University and UCL Advertising Societies.

  3. Everything you need to know from Advertising Week Europe 2014

    Here's the low down on all the trends, best talks and which agencies came out on top at Advertising Week Europe 2014.

  4. FutureRising returns to Bournemouth University

    Our third visit to Bournemouth University didn't disappoint as we brought some awesome speakers to advise and inspire the talented students.

  5. Amazing advertising at D&AD

    D&AD took to the stage at Advertising Week Europe to discuss the judging process and show off some of the this past years impeccable creative work.

  6. Advertising Week Europe 2014: Media Innovation

    A panel of media moguls, from the likes of Mediacom, Starcom and PHD, gathered to discuss innovation in media during the first day of Advertising Week.

  7. Creative Circle Awards 2014 - what happened?

    Was this the best party in advertising? The Creative Circle Awards was certainly a great night and you definitely should have been there.

  8. Circle Ball 2014

    Creative Circle are putting on the advertising industry's oldest advertising event, the Circle Ball next month, an award show evening that promises to be an amazing night.

  9. Southampton Solent 2014

    Our first event of the year took place on the south coast. Travelling down to Southampton, TMW and Brandpie joined us for our third year at Solent.

  10. Meet Fallon

    Students and industry folk entered a world of imagination that even Willy Wonka would be jealous of. Fallon opened their doors to bare all to some of the industry's future talent.

  11. New Bucks Ad School

    We headed back to New Bucks, after a successful trip in 2012, bringing with us another bunch of fantastic speakers and a tech brief for the creatives to show off their talent.

  12. Our trip to Cambridge University

    We took a visit to Cambridge University for the first time with BBH London, R/GA and Quantcast in tow, watch the videos and see how everything went down.

  13. Last One Standing

    The low down on the AA's event that challenged five up and coming stars to pitch the advertising idea, campaign or innovation that has most changed the world.

  14. One Day - Seven Agencies

    Running around advertising agencies dressed as Mexicans... yeah, that's right.

  15. LCC, we're coming to you - don't miss out

    We're looking forward to meeting all the lovely folk over at LCC next week (Friday 24th May, 5:30pm). But for now, here's a run down of our speakers to whet your appetite.

  16. Who Needs Copywriters?

    "Who Needs Copywriters?" boasted an impressive bunch of speakers who really demonstrated the importance of good writers in the business world.

  17. Digital career adventures In Bournemouth

    With some help from our partner Superstars, we took this pretty awesome line up to Bournemouth University. Here's a brief run down of the event in case you missed it or you can't read your notes.

  18. Calling all Bournemouth Students! 5 Reasons why you shouldn't miss our event

    We're heading to Bournemouth University on Tuesday, 23rd April and here's why you'd be a fool not to attend.