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Everything you need to know about studying creative digital arts

Creative digital arts student, Rachael Rampat, delves into what to expect from studying the course.

  1. Is technology destroying the toy industry?

    The toy industry has been adapting to the digital age, using technology to appeal to the new 'Generation Z'. But is technology taking away the imagination that comes with toys or is it improving it?

  2. Become a digital marketer without experience

    If you want to build a career as a digital marketer but you don't have any experience, find out exactly what it entails.

  3. Annoying office jargon

    Understanding office jargon can be difficult, but this post will make you ready for any phrases that gets dropped on you.

  4. What makes a great cover letter?

    Cover letters are vital in applications. It’s one of the first things employers see, so you must make yourself stand out. How can you do that?

  5. Levitating clock must be seen to be believed

    Product design students everywhere need to see this levitating timepiece.

  6. 5 jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago

    Check out this list of jobs that weren't around 10 years ago - is yours on the list?

  7. Office jargon: What it all means

    Whether this is your first week in an office or your 100th, office jargon is a weird phenomenon, here's the worst of it and what it all means.

  8. Work Experience at Sky

    Megan Rhodes shares a glimpse into the life at Sky from a recent work placement in the marketing department.

  9. 5 trends from 2016 that will show interviewers that you are a marketing whizz

    Matt Adams, an advertising student at Bournemouth University, gives his top 5 tips for people looking to impress potential employers.

  10. Which Ad School And Why?!

    Finn O'Neill runs the rule over the plethora of advertising school options for aspiring creatives and compiles a global top 10 list.

  11. IKEA Hållbar

    The product proposed by students from Berghs School of Communication in integrates Innoscentia technology, which provides a smart food sensor, with an IKEA food container. In order to encourage less food waste.

  12. Wear It All

    Berghs School of Communication students in 2014 recognised the struggle for most people when it comes to getting ready that you have nothing to wear, but that your wardrobe is full of clothes.

  13. Pokemon Go Ad Agency Hunt

    Just one week after the release of the blockbuster mobile game Pokemon Go, Asa Bradshaw saw an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and leverage it’s growing interest among London’s best advertising agencies.

  14. Arse baptism and creativity

    Mon Yeu is an intern at FutureRising. He shares his experience working with FutureRising and what he has learnt about the creative industries so far. His view: ‘it’s all about your ideas!’

  15. 6 things you should know before getting a job in design

    Experts from the design industry including freelancers each provide one piece of advice for junior designers looking to build a career for themselves.

  16. 5 reasons why you are not landing a job

    Do you feel it’s become near impossible to get a job? Here's where you might be failing.

  17. 5 things I have learnt as a strategist (so far)

    Sahil Nathu a former Strategist at Sid Lee Amsterdam explores five things he's learnt to date working in planning/strategy.

  18. Grey London Job Application - do not be boring

    Tom Withers Green reveals why it's vital not to be boring with your job applications having just applied for Grey London's internship scheme.