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How to talk to your dismissive boss

Working under a dismissive boss can be stressful, but we have the tips to improve your situation.

  1. What makes a great cover letter?

    Cover letters are vital in applications. It’s one of the first things employers see, so you must make yourself stand out. How can you do that?

  2. Understanding business can land you a job

    Whichever career you’re after, understanding how a business operates and having a thirst for knowledge can help you land a job and impress potential employers.

  3. Five things you can do after uni

    It's not all about getting that high-flying London job, there are so many other options out there.

  4. Are you a clock watcher?

    Have you found yourself counting down the hours, minutes, even seconds ‘till you can leave work? Perhaps it’s time for a career change.

  5. How to use these last two months of university

    The last two months of university will be full of stress, here's how to get through it all.

  6. Don’t be afraid to freelance

    Freelancing can be a daunting step for anyone so here's some tips to make that step whether it's during study or on the side of full time work.

  7. Staying motivated over the Easter holidays

    You're almost there, just two months left, a few more hand-ins and summer starts, but use these three weeks wisely.

  8. Using the internet to build your career network

    We live in a time that’s unrivalled for access to information and people. The internet is yours to build a network - it’s never been so easy.

  9. How to negotiate your salary

    As a graduate about to start your new job there's much to think about, but one of the biggest things to consider is, of course, your salary.

  10. Answering tricky interview questions

    Always tripping up on tricky interview question? Fayzan Ismaelgi can help you there.

  11. Job hunting tactics you need to know

    We all know that job hunting can be daunting, so Christopher Thuesday has gathered a couple of tips you can apply when on the hunt.

  12. Distractions and focus

    Donald Fogarty, Co-Founder of FutureRising, explains how you can reach your true potential and make the best of your time.

  13. Must-have skills for every graduate

    Before you leave university, make sure you have developed these skills to show future employers.

  14. FutureRising's playlist: Walking to work

    For this week's playlist in our Spotify series, we're the soundtrack to your journey to the office, it's the 'Walking to Work' playlist.

  15. London hotspots for getting your work done

    London professional, Tom Withers-Green, on the best places in London to grab a coffee and get your work done.

  16. How to answer: What are your biggest weaknesses?

    There's always that one interview question that trips you up, but not anymore, with FutureRising.

  17. How to explain your job to your parents

    Most UK parents don’t know what their kids do at work, so we've put together some explanations for you to use at the next family gathering.

  18. FutureRising's playlist: Presentation Prep

    This week's career Spotify playlist will help those nerves and build your confidence up, it's 'Presentation Prep'.