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How to be seen

Graphic designer, Christine Johnson, shows us a different perspective to self-promotion with a pair of eye-catching wooden sunglasses she designed.

  1. Creative developer’s cubic portfolio

    Alex Motzenbecker, a Creative Developer from New York neatly promotes his collection of work and skills.

  2. The Male Copywriter

    A proud nominee of the 2017 Webby Awards and a cult sensation in the creative realm, Lawson Clarke, aka the Male Copywriter, announced his freelancer status with a tongue-in-cheek domain name and an unconventional portfolio site.

  3. Colours for Sarajevo

    Joanna Sjostrand, a student from Miami Ad School, has created an award winning concept that aims to turn destruction into a thing of beauty.

  4. Watch for Nepal

    Miami Ad School students create an innovative way of donating to charity, by turning YouTube adverts that you would normally skip, into something that can change lives.

  5. 7 tips to survive the competitive awards scene

    AKQA New York's August Östberg gives valuable advice for entering advertising awards shows as a student.

  6. 5 things you should see this week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus stuff something from around the web.

  7. Quiz The Specialists

    People with autism perform better than most in certain areas so students Tammes Bernstein &Mads Haugsted created a tool to help show off the talents of those with autism.

  8. Creative Circle Awards 2014 - what happened?

    Was this the best party in advertising? The Creative Circle Awards was certainly a great night and you definitely should have been there.

  9. Circle Ball 2014

    Creative Circle are putting on the advertising industry's oldest advertising event, the Circle Ball next month, an award show evening that promises to be an amazing night.