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FutureRising’s Playlist: I love my job

Do you love your job? Are you on cloud nine? We have the perfect playlist for you! Listen to FutureRising’s ‘I Love My Job’.

  1. Running a business while being a student

    Student entrepreneur Valerie Tan delves into how she juggles university with her cookie business.

  2. What's the process of creating a branding identity?

    Are you struggling with your branding? Masters student of branding, June Ebube, tells you exactly how to create the perfect branding for your organisation.

  3. FutureRising’s Playlist: Getting rejected

    Have you been rejected for your dream job? Well, don’t fret! We have the perfect playlist for you with FutureRising’s ‘Getting Rejected’.

  4. Working for a small company vs a big company

    What are the perks of working for small and large companies? Which one is for you?

  5. What to look for in an employee

    When hiring for any kind of business, the process can be a difficult task. What are the traits to look out for in applicants?

  6. Dealing with everyday stress

    Are you stressed? Whether it's due to work, school or your social life, it happens to the best of us. Find out how to deal with stress so you can continue rocking at what you do.

  7. FutureRising's Playlist: Pulling a sickie

    Have you decided to give yourself the day off work? We have the perfect Spotify playlist for you with FutureRising's 'Pulling a Sickie'.

  8. How to make your summer internship count

    Will you be working all summer as an intern? Find out how to make the best of this opportunity!

  9. Annoying office jargon

    Understanding office jargon can be difficult, but this post will make you ready for any phrases that gets dropped on you.

  10. FutureRising's playlist: Office Romance

    For this week's playlist in our Spotify series, we're the soundtrack to help your love life at work with the 'Office Romance' playlist.

  11. What makes a great cover letter?

    Cover letters are vital in applications. It’s one of the first things employers see, so you must make yourself stand out. How can you do that?

  12. How to stand out at your internship

    You have finally been accepted for your dream internship, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

  13. How can I put my CV onto one page?

    Employers look for one page CVs so we have compiled top tips to help you easily shorten your CV.

  14. FutureRising's Playlist: Friday office feeling

    For this week's playlist in our Spotify series, we're the soundtrack to your office fun with the 'Friday Office Feeling' playlist.

  15. Managing time between exams and dissertation

    Between procrastination and deadlines, most of us find ourselves in a battle to get things done. Don't worry, we got your back.

  16. Do I have the right skills for this job?

    Getting the right job is important, and so you must consider how the skills you have will help you land your dream job.

  17. Why exams shouldn’t matter (even though they do)

    Success isn't always achieved through getting great results at school and uni. Some of the world's most successful people didn't go to either.

  18. Character traits that could be holding you back from achieving your goals

    No matter what your goals are, these common characteristics could be holding you back from achieving your aims.