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Job hunting tactics you need to know

We all know that job hunting can be daunting and a tad tedious, so I've gathered a couple of tips you can apply when on the hunt.

  1. Distractions and focus

    In this two-part piece, I'll help you focus on identifying the industry, company and role that will enable you to realise your potential.

  2. Must-have skills for every graduate

    Before you leave university, make sure you have developed these skills to show future employers.

  3. FutureRising's playlist: Walking to work

    For this week's playlist in our Spotify series, we're the soundtrack to your journey to the office, it's the 'Walking to Work' playlist.

  4. How to answer: What are your biggest weaknesses?

    There's always that one interview question that trips you up, not anymore with FutureRising.

  5. How to explain your job to your parents

    71% of UK parents apparently don’t have a clue what their kids do at work, so we've put together some explanations for you to use at the next family gathering.

  6. FutureRising's playlist: Presentation Prep

    This week's career Spotify playlist will help those nerves and build your confidence up, it's 'Presentation Prep'.

  7. FutureRising's playlist: Applying for a job

    Our new series brings you a career playlist on Spotify every week, this week it's 'Applying for a job'.

  8. The dos and don'ts of networking

    Hollie Wong's got some rather unscientific advice for navigating the world of networking.

  9. How to get fired from your job

    Here's what not to do if you want to keep your job.

  10. FutureRising's playlist: Smashing the Interview

    Our new series brings you a career playlist on Spotify every week, this week it's 'Smashing the Interview'.

  11. 10 tips to help you land a job in the music industry

    Having built a career in music industry from the ground up, festival founder Jordan Statham gives his top tips for getting your foot in the door.

  12. FutureRising's Spotify Career Playlists

    Our new series brings you a career playlist on Spotify every week, this week it's 'The Working Week'.

  13. 7 logos the world did not need

    These logos were met with dismay and mocking, take a look for yourself.

  14. Office jargon: What it all means

    Whether this is your first week in an office or your 100th, office jargon is a weird phenomenon, here's the worst of it and what it all means.

  15. 11 inspiring and interesting advertising quotes

    Passionate about advertising? These great quotes about the world of advertising will interest you.

  16. How to prepare for a telephone interview

    Where do I sit? How do I sound professional? Read this helpful list of tips and tricks to make sure you have a successful phone interview.

  17. How to keep a journal

    Saadia Osman, a student at Royal Holloway, gives her top tips for people wanting to keep a journal.

  18. Interview tips you need to know

    A step-by-step guide for first-time interviewees, or regular job hunters who need to sharpen their interview skills.