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Sense Worldwide is a global innovation and advisory firm to Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 businesses.

We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies, across all sectors, including Nike, Pepsico and SC Johnson, to put their customers at the heart of their businesses and help to create roadmaps for future growth.

We drive our clients’ innovation process with some proven principles.

• We co-create. We bring together your smartest people, your client agencies and creative consumers.

• To get you new, radical answers, we don’t ask the same questions to your core customers. Instead we recruit extremists: rejecters, experts, hackers…

• We run online co-creation communities. This gives your key stakeholders ongoing access to insights, inspiration and ideas. It keeps your consumers’ voice at the heart of your process.

We're a diverse bunch. We hire smart, restless people, from academic psychologists to MBAs to product and graphic designers to programmers and advertising creatives. Then we team them up and let them loose on the world. It’s a bit like creating 70s cop shows, but with less predictable plots.