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What's the difference between working for an agency and client?

Wondered about whether to work for an agency or client? Lindsey George, Deputy Head of Account Management (Leo Burnett) discusses the key differences.

  1. Is experience vital to landing a job in advertising?

    Deputy Head of Account Management at Leo Burnett, Lindsey George explains why it’s vital to gain experience to demonstrate your passion.

  2. What advice would you give to help someone land a job?

    Valuable tips from Starcom's Elspeth Spelzini on getting a job.

  3. How does account management fit within an agency?

    Will Harvey, AMV BBDO, talks about the accounts department in an advertising agency.

  4. How to stand out when applying to jobs in advertising?

    Leo Burnett's Lindsey George talks about what you need to do to get a job in advertising.

  5. What is it like working in advertising?

    Charlotte Wheatley, Account Executive at Proximity London, on the variety of people in the advertising world.

  6. What's involved in tackling a new media brief?

    Starcom's Elspeth Spelzini gives advice for taking on new digital media briefs.

  7. What is the pitching process like in an advertising agency?

    Leo Burnett's Lindsey George on how advertising agencies pitch for new work, what departments are involved and what everyone's responsibilities are.

  8. What's it like working for AMV BBDO, such a large advertising agency?

    Will Harvey talks about what makes AMV BBDO different to work at than other advertising agencies.

  9. How can students get themselves noticed?

    It's tough to stand out in the creative industries. Proximity London's Charlotte Wheatley discusses how you can.

  10. How do you approach a new project?

    Vilma Grosgbera talks about new projects

  11. How can you stand out in the media industry?

    Starcom's Elspeth Spelzini discusses how you can thrive in the media industry.

  12. How does agency life affect your personal life?

    Leo Burnett's Lindsey George talks about the social aspects of working in an advertising agency.

  13. How do you get a job in account management?

    Fancy a career in accounts? Listen to AMV BDDO's Will Harvey discuss what you can do to get there.

  14. How did you get into the creative industries?

    Charlotte Wheatley discusses how she got into advertising.

  15. What must students do to get ahead?

    Media professional Vilma Grosberga discusses what you can do to get ahead in advertising.

  16. What experience should students try to gain?

    Leo Burnett's Lindsey George talks about the kind of experience you could gain to benefit a job in advertising.

  17. What does an associate account director do?

    Elspeth Spelzini talks through her role at Starcom.

  18. What's it like working in accounts and what skills do you need?

    Charlotte Wheatley discusses what it's like working in accounts and the skills you need.