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Pitch It is a social enterprise that supports young people from diverse backgrounds in careers in the creative industries.

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We work with schools in Hackney to select 16 – 19 year olds with creative potential from lower socio-economic settings and support them into careers in London’s creative, cultural and tech economy through networking opportunities and one-to-one mentoring.

We work with freelancers and larger organisations within advertising, film and television, marketing and PR, design and architecture, tech and many more to broaden horizons and raise aspirations. We shortlist our candidates and provide a framework to ensure the experience is beneficial to both sides. We also offer training and networking opportunities for our mentors.

The name Pitch It illustrates the support we offer students in learning to pitch themselves and their skills in the world of work. The majority of the young people we speak to cite confidence and contacts as the main obstacles to launching themselves into a career in these areas. Pitch It aims to help students overcome these barriers.

Pitch It is a social enterprise. We have chosen this model so that our customers are aware that social impact is our primary objective.