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Jason Richards

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After graduating with a first class honours degree in Illustration Graphics at Coventry University, my main aim is to now become successful in the area of art. As a person who is extremely passionate about Art, Design & Fashion, contributing to publications and galleries around UK/Europe and the United States is ideal and would be beneficial for me to continue broadening my horizons, continuing to create iconic and powerful imagery. The Interruption of my images has become a stylistic approach that I aim to continue and develop throughout my profession."
I have a positive attitude and feel my enthusiasm and energy helps me to progress and develop my skill set. Volunteering work in South Africa let me realise that I can work well with people and the fact that helping people from all walks of life keeps on encouraging me to do well. I enjoy working as a team and with a product. Being able to work anywhere creative, art based or in marketing would be able help me use my skills.
As a person who is extremely passionate about making sure work is completed efficiently and to a high standard, I feel as though this position would great for my career.